So... we're back.

Hi Everyone. Guess what? We're back at it. That's right, Shaun and Shep are back online to cause more chaos and disappointment. 

You can expect regular shows again every week.. or every other week.. or once a year. Who knows what will happen. Just be grateful, will ya? 

If you didn't notice already, our Podcast feeds were erased on iTunes. This means we have to set everything up again and basically start over. It sucks, but oh well. That's what we get for disappearing. If you were using iTunes or Stitcher before, keep watch for the new feed to appear so you can subscribe. Everything has been submitted and we're waiting to be approved. Maybe they don't want us on the internet anymore? Otherwise, you're free to listen here on our website. 

We're also going to try to do mini shows in between the bigger ones. Shep and I live more than an hour's drive away from each other and we both have crazy work schedules, kids that are busy with school and other activities, mortgages, wives, and so on. Being an adult an sure suck sometimes. We've tried recording remotely, but, it just doesn't work as well. We need to be with each other to build off each others expressions and the energetic flow. Sounds a little weird, I guess... but, it it what it is. 

So, why did we stop recording, you ask? 

Well, honestly... I don't know. I think we got burned out of it all. I think I did, anyways. I'm usually the cause for things coming to a halt. Depression is a bitch, I'll tell you that. We've both had our phases of being totally invested in the show and the mission, and other times shaking our head and saying we don't care anymore. It's been an interesting ride, for sure. We've been through a lot of crap together from the very beginning. But, either way, we can't step away from these topics. We can't stop our drive to know more and to explore the crazy things going on in our reality. We can't sit and watch as our world burns and people suffer. We want to do something

This media company may not ever do much for others. It may not solve any problems of the world. It may not reach a wide audience and gain national exposure. We may not be able to dedicate our life to this type of work and become full-time 'journalists' or 'podcasters'. It'd be cool if we were able to, but, Shep and I are pretty content with everything, no matter what goes on. We're learned a lot about ourselves and reality overall. And the deeper we go into the questions and the mysteries, the deeper we end up going into ourselves. We still have so much to learn. Or, not. This media company has been an expression of who we are, what we're driven by, and we've been plugging our own 'teachings' into everything we can, and we'll continue to do so. Maybe, it's been helpful to some of you. Or, not. 

Our time away from the show was spent in various ways, doing various things. We still posted articles online and tried to keep the conversation going. We stared at a lot of trees (yes, we do love trees). All we heard from people is they wanted us to record again so they could laugh at the things we say, that not many others would dare to say. We became a source of silly, absurd, and immature entertainment for many people. Sure, there were others that revealed to us that we've actually changed their life through helping them wake up to understand new things about the world, our governments, cultures, spirituality, and most of all, themselves. This makes us feel all sorts of feels when we hear this. But for the most part, we seem to be a pair of comedic idiots that get people smiling. And, that's fine. We are that, I guess. But, in a way, I think at some level, after doing this for so many years, we hoped we would have reached different results. We learned quickly, again, that expectations are a dangerous thing, and should be avoided at all costs in regard to everything. Let things be, as they are, without contempt or judgment. Accept what-is, as it is, until it is not. 

With this media company, we wanted to help bring people to awareness of a lot of different things. We found that humor is a good way to reach the younger generations. They're tired of being told what to do and how to think. Sometimes, it's better to just laugh at how silly things are in order to create enough space in people's minds for them to begin questioning on their own, and build up the urge and confidence to create change. And so, we laugh. We joke. We poke. We mock. We discuss. And we invite others to do the one thing that they are most uncomfortable with, and that's to look within. To me, there's no greater question than, "Who am I?"

As we start pushing out more information through our little platform here, I hope you'll feel welcome to participate. We want it to be an open community where we aren't the "leaders" or the "authoritative voice". We're entirely against that idea in every way. We are nobody, and we don't want that to change in any way - especially in our minds or the minds of others. We want to help wake you up to your own power, your own truth, your own ability to create change, not only for yourself, but for others. There's a lot of crazy shiz going on out there in the world right now. I guess you could say there always has been. And we're all here to face it on a daily basis. But, there's a lot of crazy shiz going within all of us. I'm not sure which is worse, sometimes. Ultimately, I hope to help others make a decision about one important question: Who am I? 

Who am I, in response to all the events going on around me? Who is it that I want to see show up? How do I want to respond? How do I wish I could be? What impact do I want to create? What legacy and revolution do I want to be a part of? Who is it that's buried within these patterns, habits, experiences and observations? Who is it that recognizes that "I" within "me"? 

Or, do I want to sit, play the ignorant card, and see how it all plays out? 

There is no right or wrong answer. You're free to think and do as you wish. 

For a lot of people, they feel they don't have a choice with the matters of the world, and that's where we want to step in. When you're given the gift of awareness, you are given the gift of conscious choice. You're free to embrace the information, or not. You're free to go left, or right. But either way, a choice has to be made. You fight, or you fly. Sure, we may not be able to change the government or sway society in a different directly on our own. We realize it's something that takes all of us to do. We all have to do that collectively. We have to begin conversations and be willing to open our minds and accept new information. And then, we have to be strong enough to say that we were wrong before and that changing directions is a better path for us now. That's how we change the governments. That's how we change society. That's how we stop wars and dismantle damaging mindsets that feed into the system of fear that keeps us locked in place and following orders. That's how we embrace love and heal each other and ourselves. We do it all, together. And it all starts with each of us. 

We joke the way we do because we are sick of how things are, to put it bluntly. We're tired of humanity destroying itself. We're tired of religions controlling the minds of it's followers through a fear-based, guilt-inducing method of worship that can be purchased. We're tired of our governments, and those in 'power', greedily taking our societies down a road none of us would ever choose for ourselves. We're tired of being slaves to the system that's been installed to free us and protect us. We're tired of being lied to and denied the rights and abilities to explore our own consciousness. 

Like most of you, we want a new and better world. We'd rather make light of the crazy things going on in the world as a way to free our minds from the addictive grasp of negativity, confusion, and hopelessness that can easily swell up within you and take control of your perspective, intentions, attitude, and choices. Humor is very powerful. But truth is even more powerful. And usually, the first thing truth does, is piss you off.

We want to un-slave you from the world around you, but more than that, we want to un-slave you from your own mind. We want to bring awareness to as many as we can about a wide range of topics, and let them simmer on the possibilities and opportunities that we all have, together. We want to infuriate you. We want to inspire you. We want to get you questioning and demanding truth. We want you awake, alive, hungry, and confident. 

Whether we are doing a podcast, or trying to create a media company, or not, we will still be a part of this fight for our rights, our freedoms, and our lives. I hope you will join us for the laughs, the tears, the confusion, the trials and challenges, and the love.