6.05 - The Importance of Awareness, the Power of Protesting, Roswell, Naked Man Humps a Shark

On this episode Shaun and Shep talk about the craziness in our government, with the recent firing of the FBI director, James Comey. They go into government corruption and urge listeners to take a high interest in current events within a wide range of topics, including the mainstream media as well as the weird and the strange, such as UFO's, the paranormal, and the study of sciences. They jump into a quick discussion about Roswell and the details about the men and women in our government that have spoken out in support of ET's and the facts that everyone looks over when discussing that topic of UFO's and mysterious information. They talk about the power of protesting and if it really can make an impact in the US. They also go over a story about a police officer that was fired for NOT killing someone. They end with talking about a Football coach that denied being the individual that appears in a photo of a naked man laying on top of a dead shark.