Season 6

6.14 - Mind Control, Being Targeted by the Government, Disconnecting, Being Present, Embracing Silence

Satan is back!! Steve pops in for a quick visit and update on what he's been up to. The boys then talk about being inappropriate, disconnecting from your devices, people that are being targeted by the government for observation (or abduction) and why it's so important for you to learn to be OK without distractions and to embrace the silence and go within. We challenge our listeners to take a few minutes each day to do a little meditation and to disconnect from your devices and need for constant entertainment and distractions. Just sit. Just be. Contact us and let us know how your experiences went with this practice. 

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6.13 - Drum Circle, Man-Spreading, Ancient Seeds, Dogman, Physics, Bad Vagina Treatments

On this episode, Shaun and Shep are hanging out at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City where they watch the drum circle and ask a few people why they come to the event. They talk about Shep's wedding, a new problem in society called Man-Spreading, ancient seeds that were found in old pottery - and were actually planted, as well as other topics such as dogman, our entire understanding of physics possibly being incorrect, lots of love for Elon Musk and a bad vagina treatment that no one should try. 

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6.12 - [PREMIUM] Proof of Jesus, Skepticism, Making Decisions for a New World

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Shaun and Shep sit outside in Nature again an hour away from Shep's wedding to discuss being present in each moment, the proof of Jesus (if any?), skepticism and the urgency for society to make decisions for a new and better world. Plus, Shaun gets attacked by bees. 

6.10 - COVFEFE, Manly-Men, Trump, Elon Musk, Being Present

Today we have a loose and fun conversation about anything and everything: booze, spirituality, Trump tweets (specifically the typo tweet, "covfefe"), Elon Musk, and a whole bunch of reasons why Shaun isn't a "manly-man". We also cover the importance of being present in each moment and not living in the past or future. Plus, a lot more. 

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6.08 - Sex with Aliens, Russian Propaganda, Marijuana Use with Teens and Older Generations

With Shep on his Honeymoon getting some horizontal dancing practice in, Shaun takes over the podcast and goes solo to cover a few quick stories. First, he talks about a man that claims he's been having sex with an alien and they had an alien/human hybrid child together. He also talks about a story that claims Russia has been pushing anti-protesting propaganda in pop music videos. He also goes over some studies that reveal that even though marijuana has been more widely available, teenage usage has actually gone down. He also covers information about how there is a dramatic rise in the usage of marijuana in older people. That's right.. your parents AND your grandparents are getting super high. 

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Show Notes:

Alien Sex

Russian Propaganda Music Videos

Teen Weed Use

Old People Are Getting High

6.07 - Flat Earth, Funeral Preparations, Experiencing and Understanding Death

On this episode, Shaun and Shep jump into the topic of the Flat Earth conspiracy and have to poke around and tell some more inappropriate jokes. They then go through some funeral preparations that Shep did while preparing to go on his Honeymoon (you know, just in case), and they go into a discussion about death and why people are afraid to look at death or to prepare and understand what it really means. Are you afraid to die?

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6.05 - The Importance of Awareness, the Power of Protesting, Roswell, Naked Man Humps a Shark

On this episode Shaun and Shep talk about the craziness in our government, with the recent firing of the FBI director, James Comey. They go into government corruption and urge listeners to take a high interest in current events within a wide range of topics, including the mainstream media as well as the weird and the strange, such as UFO's, the paranormal, and the study of sciences. They jump into a quick discussion about Roswell and the details about the men and women in our government that have spoken out in support of ET's and the facts that everyone looks over when discussing that topic of UFO's and mysterious information. They talk about the power of protesting and if it really can make an impact in the US. They also go over a story about a police officer that was fired for NOT killing someone. They end with talking about a Football coach that denied being the individual that appears in a photo of a naked man laying on top of a dead shark.

6.04 - Kangaroos, Inter-Dimensional Alien Sex, The Greys, Consciousness

To start the show off, the boys cover a story that talks about a Kangaroo that stalked a woman for two days in order to beat her up. Just proving that Kangaroos are dicks. We then jump into a deeper look into the moon conspiracy, and Shep presents an idea that the Greys are inter-dimensional beings here to colonize our planet. They also talk about Consciousness and duality, and so much more!

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6.03 - The Moon Landings, NASA, ISS, New Human History, Kangaroos

On this episode Shaun and Shep go into the moon landings and the theories that what we were shown isn't true. What do you believe? They also talk about human history being re-written due to recent findings of intelligent humans more than 130,000 years ago! What does this mean? We break it down and explain why it's so important.

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6.02 - Following Joy/Creativity, The Black Vault, How to Investigate UFO's, The Moon Landings

The boys talk about following your joy and your curiosity, and jump into discussing declassified documents that are available online via The Black Vault (linked on our website).

They then get into discussing the validity of the moon landing and whether or not we've been to the moon at all. Shep says yes, Shaun is skeptical. A coming show will go into the topic further. Shep talks about a new book by Leslie Kean. 

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6.01 - Snowden, Privacy, Demons, Elon Musk

Welcome back to the It Just Is Podcast! It's been a while...

On this episode, we recap what we've been up too (poorly) since we last recorded. We jump into discussing Edward Snowden and online privacy, and quickly get into other topics such as Elon Musk and how everyone blames everything on demons. 

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Enjoy the podcast!

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