The conversation began in early 2013. 

Shaun hired Shep to help run one of the departments at his job. They slowly began a deep conversation about consciousness, spirituality, conspiracies, technology, meditation, science and their love of nature (especially trees). 

During their conversations, they each expressed their interest in expressive communication and journalism - particularly podcasting. They quickly decided to create their own podcast and media outlet to open a public conversation about the nature of reality, conspiracies, technology, science, and the exploration of spiritual teachings, ancient histories, changes and behaviors with society and cultures, and experiences with unknown phenomenon.

They were both fired from their place of employment for sharing their views.

The project continued for another 5 seasons with hundreds of hours of content being released over the span of 3 years. They gained worldwide followers and helped spark debates and awareness towards many social and economic issues dealing with politics, breakthroughs in science, and cultural progression. 

They hosted several on-site 'investigations' including a listener-attended night at the Shilo-Inn hotel, in downtown Salt Lake City, spending several nights at the Skinwalker Ranch, and several trips to Area 51. They also developed groups to help others learn about meditation and recovering from social and religious programming. 

In 2016, the podcast went on hiatus due to changes in careers, living situations, family engagements, other projects and personal time. However, the conversations continued to publish news stories and information online via their website and social media channels.

In 2017, the It Just Is project resumed.