Scarf Bundles is proud to offer scarf bundles.
These are perfect for choirs or music groups that want a variety of styles and colors for a discounted price. 


How our Bundles work

Step One:

Decide which bundle you want.
This will be the number of scarves each individual in your choir or group will receive.  
For example, if you select the Bundle of 5, each person will get 5 items.

Step Two:  

Decide the Style and Color of each item in your bundle.  
(For example if you choose the Bundle 5 , you would select any 5 items to fill the bundle)

Step Three:

At the bottom of the page Select Add to cart the desired bundle.

Step Four:

(This is a long one, please read to the end.)
In the quantity box enter the number of bundles you are purchasing.
THIS IS IMPORTANT: Bundles are sold ONLY in one dozen increments. 
So, even if you only need 30 bundles, you will need to purchase 36.  
You will pay less for 36 than you will for 30.  Why you may ask do I have to purchase more than I need?
Well, because I’m the Dad, and I say so!  
No, seriously, we can buy cheaper in dozens and we pass all the savings on.  
If we break apart the dozens, there is extra labor, shipping and inventorying costs.

Step Five:

Either email or call in your styles and colors for the bundle you selected.  

Upon receiving your order, we will begin dancing in the streets and giving random hugs in your honor… and processing your order.  


Available Bundles


5-Piece Bundle

Choose 5 items from our selection. 


4-Piece Bundle

Choose 4 items from our available selection.


3-Piece Bundle

Choose 3 items from our available selection.


2-Piece Bundle

Choose 2 items from our available selection.



See available selection below



Scarf Selection



Add a pop of color to your favorite sweater or winter coat with our Solid Colored Pashmina. This beautiful scarf works with a variety of wardrobe choices in a variety of seasons. The 29" wide pashmina can also be used as a wrap for cool nights. *The material content may vary from color to color. Did you know? Our Solid Colored Pashmina was recently featured in the May issue of Woman's Day in their "Great Value Awards" article.

  • Dimension: 68" L x 29" W 3" Fringe
  • Fabric: 70% Pashmina, 30% Silk
  • Washing: Machine Washable, Do Not Bleach, Cool Iron if Needed


Chiffon Scarves:

Chiffon Solid Color Square Neck Scarf

In no way a "Plain Jane" style, our Chiffon Solid Colored Neck Scarf can be tied into multiple knots for an updated accessory with each outfit. This lightweight scarf has an organza feel that is light and airy for the summer months. 21" x 21". 100% Polyester. 



Floral Scarves

April Floral Lightweight Scarf



Patriotic Scarves



Men's Neck Ties

Our Traditional Solid Color Ties are visually vivid, high in quality and low in price. If you're in search for absolutely THE best bang for your buck(s), this is definitely worthy of a first step in the right direction. 

Solid Color Ties are also available in: 2" Skinny, 2.75" Slim,



Cross-Over Ties

Our Solid Crossover Tie for Women is perfect for all occasions. Traditional size with a traditional glossy finish that radiates presence for your styling needs.



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